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Entertainers For Hire

On this page we will list entertainers that are looking for work, recognition, record labels, and whatever else they are looking for. Those that currently have gigs coming up we will display a calender so you can keep in touch to where they are performing.


There are many variations of artists that put their heart and soul into their entertainment, in whatever form of entertainment that they are in to.


Many will spend a small fortune on costume changes and work for hours on new routines, just to make you happy. They truly do want to entertain you.


Jugglers and magicians will amaze you with their uncanny ability and slight of hand magic tricks.


She will enchant you with her angelic voice and her haunting demeaner.


He has an uncanny voice that can keep you captivated for hours.


He has performed in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City, and Orlando. He does a 90 minute show singing the hit songs of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Daren on up to the hits of today. However, with all that going for him, Francis Dey has not paid us one thin dime.  Therefore, we will no longer promote his talent. 


How should you dress? If you are an Elvis Inpersonator it probably would not be appropriate to dress in a suit and tie. If you are an exotic dancer, you may not want to be covered up to your neck. (We will be accepting both of these entertainers as well)

I am not trying to shock anyone here but mainly trying to point out that the field of entertainment does cover a wide territory.


We truly do love to help people in the entertainment field get recognized and compensated for all the hard work that they do. However, we don't like working for free any more than you do. Those of you that have been here before know that I don't mince words. There are some that like the honesty, however there are a lot more that don't like knowing the truth. So, the truth to that is, we don't want you because you won't like anything that we do.


My wife Shirley and I have been promoting talented artists for over a decade. We are going in to our twelfth year in the business. From the very beginning we have had clients tell us that they would pay us as soon as they could. The money never came. We continued to promote them to radio stations, record labels, and other media outlets that pertained to their particular talent. We put on five Talent Showcases over the years and charged a very modest sum for people to display their talents. After paying people to video tape the performances, plus the people that ran the sound system and everything else that went into putting on these showcases and the advertisement needed to promote the event, we (Shirley and I), were not left with enough money for gas to get home. Plus, we sent the video to a Nashville Record Label who accepted all the talent that performed. We got nothing. So, when someone tells us that they will pay us later, we already know that Later never comes. If you want our promotions, we do have to be paid first. We are no longer going to be on the outside looking in. There is more to come, however the bottom line is this. We are always honest with you, so we want you to be honest with us. We give you much more than $150.00 for as long as you are with us, so we need you to be honest with us as well.
Thank You
CEO M&S Public Relations


Pictured here is Chuck Kesilman shaking hands with Cliff Ayres, CEO of Emerald Records in Nashville, Tennessee. Chuck signed with us in 2009, and as a direct result of working with us and taken our advise over the years, Chuck has earned over $100,000.00 in Royalties. If you google the name Chuck Kesilman, you will see that he is a very busy person. We show you how to get your music heard on radio stations around the world and we submit your music to Emerald Records for a chance of getting you a recording contract. None of this is free, however we have already proven that if you follow our instructions you can make money with your music. ~Mike~
M&S Public Relations


Honey Don't by Chuck Kesilman

Fairytale Rock by Chuck Kesilman

Hey Rah! He's the Guitar Man by Chuck Kesilman

Only if I Could by Chuck Kesilman

The Warm and Gentle Old Man

Why are We Just Friends? by Chuck Kesilman

Return of the Walrus/Flight of the Blackbird

Hey Rah! He's the Guitar Man has hit number 1 on the charts.

When Chuck signed with us in 2009, after listening to his music, we knew he had potential. We submitted his song to Cliff Ayres who owns Emerald Records and tapes a show in Nashville twice a year called the E.I.A. Awards show (Entertainer-Indy Association.) He was nominated for an award and invited to participate in the upcoming show which was about two weeks away. There was a price to attend the taping and Chuck was reluctant to put out the money. We convinced him that it would be in his best interest. On that same week-end, we had arranged to have three of our clients sing at the new Nashville Palace. My wife is a songwriter and she had to pay the same price as our clients. while at the E.I.A. Awards show, I introduced Chuck to Keith Bradford, owner of NBRNFM Internet Radio Network which is the biggest radio network in the world. About three weeks after the taping, I was contacted by Chuck, informing me that Keith was playing two of his songs on radio stations in five different countries. Since 2009, Chuck has been very busy with his music. He is a Beatles Tribute singer and has appeared in many Beatle Mania concerts and various other benefits, plus his ASCAP royalties has kept him on top. Here is one more video to give you an idea of how things are going for him.

Television Interview. Chuck Kesilman is a Hit

Here are some examples of what you can achieve if you follow our instructions and if you have enough patience to let things develop normally.

Everything that you need is within your grasp. Let us help your dreams come true. We are connected to one of the biggest Independent Record Labels in the country and that record label is affiliated with at least 125 record labels around the country. If your music is marketable, we really can help your dreams come true, but first you have to believe in yourself. There are a lot of things that we can do for you, but we cannot make you believe in yourselves or your abilities. That must come from you.

Our business is located on the south side of Indianapolis, Indiana near Greenwood.  We have been searching for a recording studio for our clients in the nearby area that was reasonable. The best one that we found was in Avon. J.Mikael Studios is located at 1853 Ernest Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46234.  Their phone number is (574) 518-1614. Justin is professional, easy to work with, and helpful. His rates are the best I have seen so far.  $25.00 per hour. $100.00 to mix and $25.00 to master. We recommend him highly. 


We have some big plans for the future, but we need some great singer/songwriters to make those plans work. One of the projects that we have in mind is a two or three day tour of Nashville, Tennessee. This tour would include visiting and performing at some of the best establishments in Nashville. We will video tape each performance and post them on You Tube, plus we will contact various cable stations to run a half hour show once a week for several weeks given each performer ample exposure on T.V. We will need at least ten singer/songwriters to make a viable showing of the talent. The genres that we will be seeking for this project will be country, gospel, alternative, and blues. As stated before, our fees are $150.00 for two full years plus we require 10% of profits including royalties. We also list you on this website free of charge. As we are located on the south side of Indianapolis, Indiana near Greenwood we can meet with local talent in person, however if you are from outside the area most of our communications will have to be done by phone or email. So, if you are interested in taking the next big step in your career email us at with full information including pictures, MP3s of your songs and URLs of any You Tube videos that you may have and let us help your dreams come true.

The Space below will be reserved for paid clients Only!!



We will be attaching this logo to all future product such as client's cds and dvds, letterheads, flyers, ect.

New Logo for M&S Public Relations


After September 26, 2015 we will have a lot more pictures to display.  M&S Public Relations has gotten SAND DRAGON a two hour gig at the Saints Francis & Clare Fall Festival located at 5901 Olive Branch Road, Greemwood, Indiana. We have been busy putting this together and we are late putting the information up. 

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Sand Dragon is now enjoying a push in the right direction. Through our diligence, we have placed them with Ramco Global Distributors and there single "The Girl Next Door" has been distributed to over 14,000 radio stations world wide. This company does not take unsolicited material and does cost $296.00 for three months to be placed on their distribution list. First, they place your single world wide and once they establish a fan base they will produce cds in stores where the fan base is highest. It is recommended that clients send in at least one song every two to three months to keep their names current on the various radio stations. Royalties are paid out quarterly, therefore it will take at least three months to see results. Clients will receive 90% of their royalties as we will keep 10%. Once the cds go in the stores, the ratio is Ramco 25%, clients 75%. We will take 10%, leaving the client with 65% of the total. At any rate, the client makes out good in the long run. We will also distribute your music to other radio networks, most of which do not have a fee. We will keep you inform as to the progress of Sand Dragon and other clients as well. Thank you
M&S Public Relations (CEO)

On June 18,2016 Sand Dragon did a T.V. Interview at the NBRN.FM T.V. show "Ya Gotta Luv It" with host Keith Bradford. Here is a link to that show.


Ya Gotta Luv it with Keith Bradford

Being our client for just two months, Billy Mac is making a lot of progress and will continue to do so. In this segment, we will list one of the places where you can listen to some of his songs, and read a little bit about him.

Here is Billy Mac's Reverbnation page. Enjoy


Billy Mac is eager to entertain his audiences where ever they are and he is quickly being noticed by the right people. On July 7, 2016 Billy Mac had a radio interview with Keith Bradford, owner of the NBRN.FM radio and television studio in Nashville, Tennessee.Billy Mac did a radio and television interview on the Ya Gotta Luv It Show with your host Keith Bradford. Enjoy.


Introducing Matt Parrott from SAND DRAGON. Matt and his partner Dave Golden signed with us in June of 2015. They have already been into the studio, (J. Mikael Studios in Avon, Indiana) and recorded their first single, The Girl Next Door.)



SAND DRAGON will perform between 5-7pm on the outdoor stage. During their performance, we will allow people from the audience to come up on stage and sing Karaoke style.  We won't have the words available so be sure to choose a song that you know by heart. 

Once you have committed to allowing us to promote you and your music, there is the matter of our fees. We start working on your behalf as soon as we know that you are with us. When you say that the check is in the mail, we need to know that it is in the mail. My wife Shirley and I have been working this business by ourselves for at least five years and it is not easy to keep our website up to date, keep tabs on our clients, set up interviews, radio air play and everything else that is involved with this business. While waiting for your check to come in, we are busy doing all these things, many of which we have to pay for. We could be sending your music to radio stations or checking on establishments that are looking for your type of talent or preparing Press Releases. Many times we are using our money while waiting for your money to arrive. Therefore, please respect us as we respect you by getting your fee to us ASAP.
Thank You
~Mike Caron~
M&S Public Relations (CEO)

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Our next performer comes from LaPorte, Indiana. His name is William McKee and his stage name is Billy Mac. As we still don't have picture capability, we will upload the pictures when we get this problem fixed. However, in the meantime, we will bring you some links of where you can listen to some of his songs. Billy Mac signed with us on May 12, 2016 and has already made an impact. We will explain more about that as we go along.

Ya Gotta Luv it with your Host Keith Bradford.

We want to keep you up to date on everything that is happening and give you up to the minute reports, however at this time we are working with way outdated equipment. Please bare with us as we solve these problems.
MYS Public Relations (CEO)



Introducing Black Hawk Entertainment from Dayton, Ohio

Black Hawk Entertainment


A very happy Shirley Ruth Caron (Vice President of M&S Public Relations) is nestled between the two members of SAND DRAGON.  Matt Parrott (The Voice) and Dave Golden (Ax-Man)


Enter content here


We will be bringing up pictures of the event a soon as possible, but first we want to show you Sand Dragon in action.  Enjoy.

M&S Public Relations Presents Sand Dragon at the Saints Francis & Clare Fall Festival

In the next few days, we are going to do our best to get this website up to date by listing our current clients. We will display their music whenever possible, however I recently switched to windows X and it has been nothing but headaches. I have asked this before, however I will ask once more. We are based on the south side of Indianapolis near Greenwood and as our business right now consists of my wife Shirley and I, we could use some help. If there is anyone in our area that is taking a course dealing with the music industry we could use an intern. If you are familiar with windows X and would like to help us clean this mess, we would appreciate it. If you are interested please email us at At this point, I can't even get any pictures to display.

Although we can't display pictures at this time, I did want you to know that we have secured a T.V. interview for Sand Dragon in Nashville, Tennessee. It will take place this Saturday on the You Gotta Love it T.V. show and will be broadcast over 3,000 T.V. stations worldwide. They will also do a Radio interview as well that will cover a very large area. This combined T.V. and Radio interview cost $250.00 to secure, however with the audience that it will reach, this is a very modest price to pay.

Most recently, our client Billy Mac from LaPorte, Indiana was featured on the Ya Gotta Luv It show in Nashville, Tennessee. Enjoy.

Ya Gotta Luv It with Keith Bradford

We plan to work with Black Hawk Entertainment for some time to come, because we like their style and what they stand for. If you are a club owner or restaurant owner that would like to offer Karaoke at your establishment, be sure to get in touch with Chrystopher or Mellisa.  Digital Dejay is going to be the next wave in entertainment.  Get in on the ground floor.

Introductions Click here.

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